Due to increased demand online and in store current waiting times may vary from 2-4 weeks. Please contact me for any other info

Shoe Repairs

At The Key Cobbler we've been repairing shoes for the past 40 years, We are incredibly proud of our work and have an excellent reputation around the local area, and even as far as London. We specialise in traditional repairs all the way to repairing your walking boots.


As we are based in the South Lakes, we have a large community that enjoy the many fells around the Lake District. This gives us the opportunity to repair many walking boots. We can replace your soles with new Vibram units, that have a strong grip made from hard wearing rubber. We can also repair rips and tears that may occur over time, and also change eyelets and hooks. We also have a large selection of walking boot laces which come in a variety of colours and lengths. Contact us for more info
Vibram is one of our most popular products we use for repairing shoes. We have a wide selection of Vibram products to choose from. Vibram products improve the longevity of your footwear. molded soles rotting and disintegrating are a common problem. A lot if repairers will say that these cannot be repaired, but most of the time theirs always a solution. Check our Facebook Page for more pictures!